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Trump plans to meet with UK's May, Mexico's Pena Nieto: White House
CNBC - 51 min 15 sec ago
The meeting will be an opportunity for May to discuss what has long been termed the "special relationship" between the two nations.
Indiatimes - The Latest: Trump to meet with British, Mexican officials - 6 hours 48 min ago
LA Times - Mexico's president will be among the first foreign leaders to meet with Trump this month - 3 hours 4 min ago

Chief of Taiwan's Foxconn says rise of protectionism unavoidable
Reuters - 2 hours 36 min ago
TAIPEI (Reuters) - The head of Foxconn, the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronic goods and a major Apple Inc supplier, said on Sunday that the rise of protectionism is unavoidable.

China's rustbelt shows signs of economic recovery
China Daily - 2 hours 54 min ago
City landscape of Jilin city, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province, Nov 3, 2016. [Photo/VCG] BEIJING - China's northeastern region is showing signs of economic recovery since the traditional heavy industries lost shine, figures released at the annual provincial sessions ...
Indiatimes - This is how the economy of Jallikattu works - 17 hours 5 min ago
China Daily - China to improve government service for new economy - 21 hours 24 min ago

China's top 10 real estate developers
China Daily - 2 hours 54 min ago
China's top three real estate developers Evergrande Group, Vanke, and Country Garden posted combined sales of more than 1 trillion yuan ($144 billion) in 2016, helped by soaring home prices in big cities, according to a list released by the China Index Academy. Twelve Chinese real estate developer ...

We have no choice but to get rid of radical Islamic terrorism: Donald Trump to CIA
Indiatimes - 3 hours 21 sec ago
Reiterating his remarks on the inauguration day, Trump said, "it has to be eradicated" just off the face of the Earth.
CNBC - Scenes from around the world: Women mobilize in the wake of Trump inauguration - 4 hours 35 min ago
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Zero Hedge - National Park Service BTFO: Cucked Agency Ordered to Cease Using Twitter After Mocking Trump Inauguration - 8 hours 23 min ago
CNN Video - Sean Spicer: Trump inauguration had largest audience ever - 5 hours 30 min ago

Britain’s May, Mexico’s Pena Nieto to Meet With Trump This Month
Bloomberg - 6 hours 27 min ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto will make visits to the U.S. this month to meet with President Donald Trump, White House officials said.
Indiatimes - Theresa May to meet Donald Trump next week: Report - 18 hours 2 min ago
Bloomberg - Trump Says U.K. Leader May Coming for U.S. Visit ‘Very Shortly’ - 19 hours 54 min ago
LA Times - Trump's first visit from a foreign leader will be Britain's Theresa May - 6 hours 23 min ago
BusinessInsider - Theresa May believes Trump recognises the importance of NATO despite his 'obsolete' criticism - 17 hours 39 min ago

'We make the terror': Netflix’s 'House of Cards' to return on May 30th for its fifth season
CNBC - 8 hours 56 min ago
Netflix decided to that Trump's inauguration was a good time to reveal when its political drama would return.
Fox Business - Comcast Might Be the Key to Netflix's Continued Subscriber Growth - 3 hours 53 min ago
BusinessInsider - Here's what Wall Street is saying about Netflix's blowout subscriber growth last quarter - 12 hours 15 sec ago

Here is who's most likely to suffer the most if Obamacare repeal comes to pass
CNBC - 10 hours 57 min ago
These groups tend to suffer from more health problems, so they will be the first affected by an Obamacare rollback.
CNBC - As Trump makes good on Obamacare vow, enrollees and doctors fret about what's next - 17 hours 48 min ago
LA Times - Here's what Trump's executive order really means for Obamacare - 6 hours 59 min ago
Zero Hedge - Fake News About "Love" For Obamacare? - 11 hours 32 min ago

Uber poaches Google engineer, and pours gas on a bitter rivalry
CNBC - 11 hours 20 min ago
Amit Singhal, a 15-year Google veteran, plans to join Uber as senior vice president for engineering.
BusinessInsider - Meet the power players who really run Uber - 16 hours 54 min ago

As U.S. Cedes Leadership on Climate, Others Step Up at Davos
New York Times - 12 hours 31 min ago
China, India and even the leaders of large corporations are eager to have a bigger role in fighting global warming, meetings at the World Economic Forum showed.
Indiatimes - Opposition dubs AP CM's Davos trip a 'publicity stunt' - 20 hours 18 min ago
BusinessInsider - Arianna Huffington shares exclusive photos of her parties, panels, and celebrity interviews at Davos - 18 hours 12 min ago

Donald Trump led US may shun leadership mantle; induce trade wars
Indiatimes - 13 hours 37 min ago
A serious obstacle that China faces as the leader of the world economy is the question of its legitimacy as leader of this system.
The Guardian - Mexico braced for exodus to US as ‘Trump effect’ hurts the peso - 13 hours 54 min ago

Demonetisation: The Gold Rush?
Indiatimes - 13 hours 49 min ago
No doubt demonetisation—like everything else announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-- has ended up polarising people.
Indiatimes - Demonetisation a monumental blunder: Congress - 19 hours 12 min ago

Ex-Wall Street titan Sallie Krawcheck reveals the jaw-dropping sexual harassment she endured
CNBC - 13 hours 54 min ago
She had to pay rent, says the author of "Own It," so she got creative.
BusinessInsider - Wall Street is witnessing a 'third wave of computerization' - 9 hours 39 min ago

Brexit 'will bring down all of Europe', Marine Le Pen declares
Euronews - 15 hours 13 min ago
French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has said Brexit will trigger a domino affect which will bring down all of Europe.

EU Populists See Trump Victory as Beginning of End for Old Order
Bloomberg - 15 hours 15 min ago
Europe’s populist right predicted Donald Trump’s entry into the White House will herald the end of the old way of doing business in the west, as the continent’s leaders wrestled with how to deal with the new president.
Zero Hedge - "Open Your Ears" - Populism Is A Feature (Not A Bug) Of Democratic Society - 8 hours 54 min ago

Bits: Mike’s and Sapna’s Week in Tech: There are Zombie Social Networks. Then There’s Facebook.
New York Times - 15 hours 24 min ago
A review of important developments in the tech industry.
Fox Business - How Facebook Leverages Artificial Intelligence - 9 hours 31 min ago
BusinessInsider - How this advertising company uses its training program to try to convince STEM grads away from Google and Facebook (PUB) - 17 hours 6 min ago

Restrict corporate tax at 25 per cent with cesses, surcharges: PHDCCI
Indiatimes - 17 hours 1 min ago
"Corporate tax rate should not be more than 25 per cent from the headline rate of 30 per cent and 34.6 per cent with cesses and surcharges."
TechCrunch - petition seeking Trump tax returns flies past 100,000 signature goal - 6 hours 23 min ago
Fox Business - 4 Tax Mistakes That Could Lead to an Audit - 10 hours 25 min ago
LA Times - How to find a good tax preparer (and write off the bad ones) - 18 hours 54 min ago
Naked Capitalism - Taxcast: South Dakota as Tax Haven, Stopping Corporate Tax Dodgers - 22 hours 22 min ago

Arvind Kejriwal seeks withdrawal of security; writes to Punjab CEO
Indiatimes - 19 hours 16 min ago
"Given the poor law and order situation of Punjab, all this security apparatus should be deployed for safety and security of people of the state," the Delhi CM said.
China Daily - China's commitment to global growth, cooperation 'reassuring': GSK CEO - 21 hours 53 min ago

Aligning with SP is Congress' political bankruptcy: Mayawati
Indiatimes - 19 hours 47 min ago
She also alleged Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav of conniving with his son and termed the Yadav family feud a "drama".

Microsoft may cut 700 jobs this month: Report
Indiatimes - 20 hours 59 min ago
The largest ever layoff in history of Microsoft was 18,000 jobs in 2014, including 12,500 associated with the Nokia handset and services business it acquired.

Global elites at Davos forum express confidence in free trade
China Daily - 21 hours 24 min ago
DAVOS - Global elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting this week have expressed confidence in free trade, saying it is a global consensus that is conducive to the prosperity of all parties. With a slowdown in world economic growth and ensuing growing political and social problems, ...

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